Quick Calligraphy

To combat the stress pertaining to the society and in the organisation, Banana India Electronics along with Indian Institute of Calligraphy ( a training institute for calligraphy) runs skill development programs as a therapy to reduce stress for employees. This Calligraphy teaching skill is not just for employees but extended to their family member and kids.

Times have proven that calligraphy not only creates beautiful artworks with letters, it’s a soothing, relaxing exercise for anyone who needs to unwind.

The basic aim of this move is to create a healthy ecosystem within the organisation, where an employee looks up to days when he can chill and not work. The calligraphy skill not just adds to their hobby but adds to their skill as well.

Off lately, the institute is planning to come up with new such programs under the skill India that will not only help employees to fight stress and tough schedules but help them grow skill-wise.